Croatia fulfills the Mediterranean fantasy of spending sunny days near sapphire waves in the shadow of historic walled cities.

Croatia’s spectacular coastline, which is dotted with islands, is without a doubt its major draw. The first thing that impresses you is the clarity of the ocean, which has an extraordinary brilliance of emerald and sapphire tones in contrast to the sparkling white pebble beaches.

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Natural beauty

When you turn your gaze away from the glistening waters, you will see towering mountains. Much of the shore is bounded by the Dinaric Alps, which span from Italy to Albania forming a stunning landscape of peaks, tunnels, canyons, waterfalls, and lakes. The active tourists may explore its surface on foot or by bicycle along the various routes, while the more daring can climb or go rafting.

King's Landing

Kolorina Bay in Dubrovnik received international fame when it was used as the set for the famous tv-series Game of Thrones. On this tour, visitors enter the realm of one of the greatest fantasy epics as they immerse in the intrigue of the show.

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