Crowned by the imposing Taj Mahal and seasoned by the most unique spices, India is constantly flooded by the unexpected. This may be challenging, especially for first-time visitors: poverty is visible, bureaucracy can be frustrating, and crowds can make even the simplest activity seem impossible. Even the most experienced travelers may lose patience at times, but this is all part of the experience.

With the country’s potential to simultaneously inspire, frustrate, thrill, and confound, it’s best to relax and let go. Whether liked or despised – and most visitors appear to be torn between the two – whoever knows India’s unpredictability will have comprehended her essence.

The elevation of spirit

On the variegated canvas that is India today, spirituality is the common thread. A plethora of sacred locations and ancient traditions witness the country’s fascinating and, at times, chaotic religious past. And the celebrations. From colorful street parades to festivals worshiping a local god, India is home to some of the most stunning religious celebrations in the world.

Buddha Park Tathagata in India

The apogee of maximalism

Confusing, fascinating, sensual and multicolored, India cultivates paradox and plays with our Western landmarks to better reveal its identity, personality and soul.

Between the magnificence of its ancient palaces, the strength of its traditions firmly anchored in everyday life, the beauty of its silky saris, and its colors, the fervor of its people and the authenticity of its countryside… India draws another planet which has only one horizon: your absolute well-being!

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