Accommodation in a traditional riad, walks through the labyrinthine medina, afternoons with traditional mint tea, bazaars in one of the shuk shops, excursion to the Sahara desert, photos with a backdrop of impressive palm trees, relaxation in the hammam, walk through the blue alleys of Chefchaouen… the list of things to do and see in Morocco is endless and full of unforgettable experiences.

Morocco, one of the most attractive nations in Africa, blends Atlanta’s stunning mountain terrain, the Sahara Desert, oasis, and traditional Berber villages with modern towns and big squares surrounded by towering palm trees where seats may be found. with vibrant spices, snake charmers, and scarf merchants.

Morocco is an adventure, a fascinating journey through Africa to historic cities preserved by their kind residents. A trip filled with tastes and fragrances that will leave you speechless.

A world of spices

Upon visiting Morocco, you will be immediately charmed by the country’s traditions. Every day, local vendors set up their stalls, organize the aromatic spices, and get ready for the legendary haggling. Prepare to put your negotiating abilities to test in the souks of every Moroccan city!

Experience the extraordinary...

Morocco’s dazzling sun enhances the vibrant colors of this unique country. The vivid blue of the Berbers contrasts with the hues of the desert, while various aromas fill the air.

Dream of the perfect trip to Morocco and our experienced team will make it happen with  a tailor-made itinerary; from the dunes of Lawrence of Arabia and the lavish holiday-home of Yves Saint Laurent to an authentic experience of camping in the Sahara Desert and Middle Atlas mountains, in Morocco everything is possible.

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